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HP Pavilion tx1000 and tx2000 Notebook PC Series Repair

Display and wireless problems on a HP Pavilion TX series PC Tablet? Get in touch with Creative IT

A black screen and an issue with the wireless device that cannot be detected are two of the most common faults HP Pavilion TX notebook users are likely to experience when their system becomes out of warranty after one or two years.

Creative IT was specialised in notebook and PC repairs long before the launch of the HP Pavilion TX1000 series in 2007. From our computer repair centre located in California, we offer a one-stop solution for any hardware or software related issues you may encounter with your HP PC tablet.

Creative IT knows how to fix your Tablet PC HP Pavilion TX

Our team of IT and electronics technicians can fix any broken HP Pavilion TX series tablet. They can do a full diagnostic and testing if you're experiencing any of the following symptoms:

A number of technical failures are affecting TX series users every day, including issues with webcam, audio, speakers, BIOS, power board, wireless, booting and overheating. If carrying a driver update hasn't fixed your problem and if you've had enough with turning your computer off and on repeatedly when trying to boot it up, Creative IT is here to help you.

Failure of the Nvidia GPU that overheats in your HP Pavilion TX PC tablet

The issue with the Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 graphics chip that overheats is a very widespread and well known issue with HP TX laptops. When the notebook overheats, it destroys the motherboard of the computer resulting in a black or blank screen, lines or strange coloured characters on the display. In the long run, the computer shuts down for good and stop running completely. Creative IT is specialised in motherboard repairs and can perform a powerful reflow on the graphic chip of the notebook. This will be carried out together with a full servicing of your TX tablet as well as the installation of BIOS updates, if necessary, to increase the speed of the fan and improve the cooling of the entire system in the future.

Wireless device cannot be detected in your HP Pavilion TX notebook
Whether the fault with the wireless is intermittent or more permanent, you need to find a long term solution for your HP Pavilion TX notebook. If your notebook's wireless card is not being read, if Windows cannot find the Wi-Fi hardware in the device manager when you switch the computer off or even after reinstalling it, the fault could be linked with the overheating issue you may be having with the Nvidia graphics chip. This issue with the wireless can become a motherboard problem in the long run. You have two solutions to fix this fault: get a usb wifi card as a temporary measure or replace the motherboard for a longer term solution.

HP Pavilion TX PC Tablet motherboard repair and replacement
Creative IT is specialised in component level repairs on laptops, PC and notebooks' motherboards, a very economical way to get electronic equipment repaired. Our electronics technicians are capable of producing a full testing, diagnostics and repairs of a motherboard fault that may develop over time or after accident damages caused by a fall or a liquid spillage. A motherboard repair, which can consist of replacing capacitors, fuses, chips or resoldering specific components on the board, can be carry out in less than one hour.

If the main board of your HP TX cannot be repaired because the damage to the board is too extensive, we can source genuine and identical HP replacement parts for your computer.

Broken LED screen on your HP Pavilion TX touch screen Tablet
Amongst the extensive stock of LCD and LED screens located in our repair centre, we have two types of 12.1" WXGA BrightView LED back-lit, semi-glossy or matte screens, with passive touch screen or with the Wacom Penabled digitizer. This allows us to offer fast screen replacements for the entire series of HP Pavilion TX 1000 and 2000. We can also offer the replacement of the touch screen with a non touch screen LCD.

All the LED screen replacements we carry out on Pavilion TX netbooks are guaranteed one year.

Damaged keyboard repair and replacement for your HP Pavilion TX PC Tablet
Creative IT also offers a quick and effective repair service for HP Pavilion TX keyboards. We can repair individual laptop keyboard keys or replace the entire keyboard if necessary. Keyboards can also be cleaned after liquid damage or their driver reinstalled if the failure is Windows related.

We are also able to replace a faulty or unresponsive track pad or mouse pad on your HP Pavilion notebook. The ranges of original HP keyboards we have in stock also include models in foreign languages including Spanish, Russian, Arabic and French keyboards.

HP Pavilion TX tablet hard drive replacement and data recovery
A hard drive failure is one of the most distressing situations when the user risks losing very important files, pictures, videos and documents. This is the reason why Creative IT offers a complete range of hard drive related services to give its client the peace of mind they need when facing a hard drive failure with their HP Pavilion TX notebook.

From data restoration, data back up and data transfer to data recovery and hard drive replacement, our hard drive specialised technicians will help you retrieve important data that you thought was lost and make sure your TX notebook is equipped with a perfectly working new hard drive configured to your specifications.

Hewlett Packard /HP support wherever you are
If you experience a black screen on your HP tablet, if the notebook doesn't boot up, if you see the blinking caps lock, if you have a Nvidia GPU failure or an intermittent wireless failure or if you require a hard drive replacement, call Creative IT on (888)353-4284. Our HP support services are available, to home users and businesses, all over California and the USA.

Creative IT's laptop troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance services are available for the entire range of HP Pavilion tx1000 Notebook PC series and its updated model, the HP Pavilion tx2000 Entertainment Notebook PC, including:

Contact Creative IT for fast and reliable computer help for your Tablet PC HP Pavilion TX. To find out more about our notebook repairs, part replacements and upgrades anywhere in the US, call our helpline on (213) 986-4855 or email us at info@creativeitusa.com.

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