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iMac Intel 20 inch Logic Board Repair

Creative IT USA, a leading iMac logic board repair store in City and County of Murrieta, California, offers specialized service and support for your Apple iMac Intel 20 inch logic board repair and replacement needs. We offer flexible service options for both home as well as business users.

Whatever be your Apple iMac Intel 20 inch logic board repair or replacement requirements, you can rely on Creative IT USA for a quick and efficient support, local or nationwide. Components on the desktop computer logic board may fail and cause various system problems such as iMac Intel won't boot up or start up, iMac overheating, iMac randomly shuts down, kernel panic message appears, abnormal noises, iMac Intel desktop freezing intermittently, scrambled or distorted video, iMac Intel computer starts up to blank screen, non functioning ports and wireless issues. Instead of replacing the entire logic board, we will repair or replace the faulty components on the board. We offer affordable iMac Intel 20 inch logic board replacement services within fast turnaround time and all our Apple Mac repairs come with a 3 month warranty.

Component Level Apple iMac Intel 20" Logic Board Repair



Nationwide Mail-In Apple iMac Intel 20" Logic Board Repair and Replacement 

Contact Creative IT USA in Murrieta, California on (213) 986-4855 or email your Apple iMac Intel 20 inch logic board repair or replacement request to us at info@creativeitusa.com, our technical staff is always happy to answer your questions.

We have in stock 20 inch Apple iMac Intel logic boards for part numbers: 661-3894, 661-4108, 661-4109, 661-4110, 661-4111, 661-4292, 661-4293, 661-4294, 661-4295, 661-4296, 661-4297, 661-4437, 661-4439, 661-4674, 661-4675, 661-4984, 661-5136, 661-5193 and 661-5514.

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